Best Salt And Pepper Shakers For Refined Dining

It seems like salt and pepper shakers have not gone a long way since they first became very common after anti-caking agents were introduced back in the 1920s. After all, they are intended to store and dispense common ingredients – salt and pepper.

However, since the 1920s there have been a lot of happenings economically and culturally. We have seen the likes of The Beatles, Star Wars and Donald Trump. We have also seen, and lost the World Trade Center. Stunningly, salt and pepper shakers evolve through people and events like that as well as pop culture.

As a result, we have a wide variety and styles of these shakers through time and they became very much sought after collectors’ items. There seems to be a lot of decorative and creative design out there in the marketplace. Some have elegant, unique, vintage or modern design. We have done hours of research to come up with a collection of elegant and fashionable salt and pepper shakers to spice up your lunch and dinner. While for those who adore The Beatles, Star Wars and Donald Trump – they are represented here as well!

This particular salt and pepper shakers set made it to the top of our list not only because of its modern look, but also stylist and elegant design.

Furthermore, it has great features like adjustable pour holes and easy refilling without messes. Other than that, the set is very easy to clean due to its smooth stainless steel and glass surface. Made to last a lifetime, now you can have a stylist, elegant and modern shakers for regular everyday use.

The next one looks and feels expensive. Off course! It’s a Le Creuset Stoneware Salt and Pepper Shakers. If you already have this distinguished French stonewares in other forms, then this is a must to complement your collection.

It’s made of high-fired stoneware so that the surface can resist odors, staining, chipping and cracking. No doubt, this table-top accessory with classic French styling will perfectly match your already sophisticated kitchen.

Another product of French craftsmanship – this time it’s a Lenox. Similar to Le Creuset, it’s made of durable stoneware, but only available in white. But being white it has a neutral mood that will let other elements to shine.

This exquisite salt and pepper set boasts classic French country charm with raised bead motif and tea stain finish on the rim. It is such fun to see this giant set sitting on your dining table to accent the atmosphere of the entire kitchen.

Best of all, this is one of Lenox’s world-renowned unmatched design superiority and durability for more than a century. You just can’t find it on any regular shelf in the store.

What is more charming than having a romantic dinner with your partner while having a kissing salt and pepper shakers on the dining table! The pair seem to meld with each other as they kiss.

Also, due to its unique and eye-catching design it can be a source for someone to break the ice during a meal. The set brings up a sleek but fanciful hourglass figure which at the same time saves some space. No wonder these shakers won a number of design awards and have been featured in museum collections all over the world.

Finally, they are beautiful and stylish but at the same time functional. It’s great as a gift as well – everyone will surely love them for their cool design.

For car lovers, this vintage gas station filling pump salt and pepper shaker set is worth to adding to a collection of road trip memorabilia. With its infamous Route 66 sign, it is perfect for retro kitchen or restaurant style or as a Father’s Day gift.

Each of these adorable shakers is tediously hand-crafted to highlight that retro finish. Car buffs could relive the good old days of aimless road trips in classic cars. It seems that there is no better way to do that than having this three piece set that includes one gas pump and tires holders on the sides to hold salt and pepper shakers.

Patriotic Americans would adore this bald eagle salt and pepper shakers set that represents the national bird of the United States of America. It’s a three piece set that includes a bald eagle figure sitting on a tree stump wood base as a holder for the two shakers.

This inspiring set is individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin, therefore making each set not exactly the same with another. Especially the colors may come up slightly differently since they are crafted manually. Whether you’re a patriot or not, this set representing a majestic bald eagle would make a great gift.

Without doubt, The Beatles is the most well known and successful band of all time. Yellow Submarine might not be their best song but it’s represented here as a Yellow Submarine salt and pepper shakers. It might not be their most perfect representation, but it strikes well with children and adults alike due to its prominent appearance.

Beatlemania is surely not over yet! We know there are a lot of The Beatles fans out there, old and young. This collectible item is something they just cannot miss.

Star Wars – you like it or hate it. If you like it, then you must like Star Wars salt and pepper shakers. Imagine the iconic Darth Vader add salt to your meal and Storm trooper add pepper to spice up your day! That is exactly what these shakers set will purposely do if you buy it because they come in that set.

You wouldn’t be a true Star Wars fan if you had seen this shakers set and not getting it. It’s a spitting image of the real ones.

Last but not least is Donald Trump salt and pepper shakers. Instead of a 6’2″ Trump, you get a cute 6 inches tall President! Let his shakers hold and pour your salt and pepper onto your meal. You get a President to accompany you every time you have your meal.

If you already have shakers in the form of another President, then this item will be significant to add to your collection. Otherwise, just have a great conversation piece over an unforgettable meal.

In conclusion, whether you get salt and pepper shakers as an addition to your collector’s item, or as a gift, or simply to sprinkle salt and pepper on your meal, it is proper to have them on every meal. Without them your meal will like missing something, like a cake without an icing!

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