15 Best Salt And Pepper Shakers As Gifts

Salt and pepper shakers set

Searching for a great present to give but are running out of ideas? Salt and pepper shakers can be your go-to gift for any event or occasion. If you think they’re boring, you should certainly think twice as there are plenty of unique and fun salt and pepper shakers you can find that your loved ones will just adore. With thousands of different designs, you are to find one that suits their personality and interests. Here are 15 of the best salt and pepper shakers as gifts that you can give for any occasion, all year ‘round. 

This ceramic magnetic shark salt and pepper shaker is an excellent gift for collectors. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind find that’s perfect for those who’d like to use it as a decorative piece in the kitchen. It’s also an amazing gift for fans of sharks or the movie Jaws. Anyone who is into sea creatures would kill to have this set in their collection. They are just the right size to hold salt and pepper without taking up too much space on countertops. You can even get away with gifting these to kids!

Fans of Mason jars will fall head over heels for this vintage salt and pepper shakers. It even comes with a rustic wood caddy so your shakers are always in place. Plus, the glass is crystal clear so you won’t ever get confused about which is which. The jars are also a bit larger than typical decorative shakers. So this means it’s fewer refills! If you’re looking for the perfect housewarming gift or a present for Thanksgiving or Mother’s Day – this is definitely it! 

We all have that one friend who’s obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons or Game of Thrones. This mythical dragon salt and pepper shaker set is an excellent present you can give. The dragon is even holding the salt and pepper with its hands!  It’s not as juvenile as getting them a toy yet it still shows that they’re young at heart. If they don’t want to use it in the kitchen, they will surely find a home for it in other rooms of the house like their bedroom or living room. 

Can’t think of what to get a friend or a relative for Christmas? Why not go with a vintage Santa Claus salt and pepper set? Yes, it might be cliché but it works! They will certainly find a home for it at their dining table during the holidays. Who doesn’t like a Christmas-themed dinner table?  It’s even microwave and dishwasher safe. The details on this ceramic set are also not quite like other Santa sculptures. It’s truly a unique piece that anyone will surely enjoy. 

Who doesn’t love watching Nightmare Before Christmas during the holiday season? This Teddy and Zero ceramic salt and pepper shakers from the movie are adorable. Whether the one you’re gifting this set knows about the movie or not, they will still love these cute Tim Burton characters. They are great to give for both children and adults! Because the colors and design are spooky, you can even gift this set during the Halloween season.


This adorable Dachshunds salt and pepper shakers set is just the perfect gift for couples or your significant other. And don’t forget dog lovers, too! They will surely swoon over these adorable kissing sausage dogs. The ceramic hand-painted color is also very realistic, unlike similar sets you can find. What’s great is that there are magnets embedded in the two shakers so they will remain in the same position. Even kids will appreciate this as a gift! Canine lovers will be ecstatic to have this as a present. 

Just when you think salt and pepper sets can’t get any more girly, here comes the flea market floral salt and pepper set. It even has a dainty resting spoon as a bonus! The design is just dainty and the colors are bright enough to act as accent decor in a kitchen or dining table. You certainly won’t find anything quite like this design. It gives off that old cottage house feels that’s quite special. Your mom or sister will be thrilled to get this set! Girly has never been this girly before. 

On the hunt for something to give for Halloween? Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect present to that gothic friend of yours? This Raven on Human Skull salt and pepper shaker set is one of the spookiest gifts you can get right now. It’s hand-crafted which means the quality is just splendid. The actual containers are even clear so you won’t ever switch up the spices. Plus, it will go great as a Halloween decoration. You don’t even have to put salt and pepper in them. They can be a grundy decor sitting on a shelf or your coffee table. 

Salt and pepper shakers are not exclusively made for adults. This SpongeBob and Gary set is living proof of that. You won’t believe how true to the character the colors are in this set. This will go well with a SpongeBob SquarePants themed party. Plus, the kids can even play with it afterwards. It’s also an amazing collectible for adults. You won’t find a lot of salt and pepper shakers with Gary on them. Whatever age they are, all fans of the Nickelodeon hit TV series will fall for this set. 

Feline fans will swoon over this decorative cat glass salt and pepper shaker set. If you’ve got a friend who’s a cat lover, there is no doubt that he or she will appreciate this one as a gift. It’s black and white so it can easily blend with kitchen counters or even your dining table. The details on this hand-crafted cold cast resin shaker set are almost life-like. All cat lovers will approve! The good thing about this design is that even kids will enjoy it. It’s a fail-proof present! 

You just can’t go wrong with a classic stainless steel and glass salt and pepper shaker set. It’s not as common as other typical shaker sets as this one is both steel and glass. The bottom is made of the most durable glass so you can still see what’s inside. Meanwhile, the stainless steel keeps an industrial vibe. Plus, it’s fingerprint-proof! You can even replace it with various spices if you’d like. It’s a simple yet useful gift for those who want to keep it basic on their kitchen counters. 

If you are on the hunt for a unique housewarming present, this round marble salt and pepper set is the one to beat. When it comes to aesthetics, this has the best of both worlds – marble and wood. Plus, it’s both black and white. It will go amazingly with any interior design they may have going on. It even perfectly matches the kitchen countertop! If your family or friends have a minimalistic taste in design, this is also great.

This silver airplane and chopper salt and pepper set is truly a conversation starter. No one would ever suspect these tarnish-proof nickel plated set to belong in a kitchen. Despite it being unseemingly of a kitchen set, it’s dishwasher safe. This will make an extremely irresistible gift for aviation enthusiasts. These will perfectly fit the palm of your hand! You can even play around with it if you’d like. Just make sure there are no salt and pepper inside to avoid spills! 

Is there a wedding coming up and wondering what gift to give? This decorative lovebird salt and pepper shaker set is just perfect. With just one glance, you can tell that this set is just luxurious and well-crafted. It is made of the highest quality of zinc alloy with a silver-plated finish that gives a perpetual shine that doesn’t require polishing. Not only is it a lovely decorative piece, but it’s also ergonomically designed to be an actual functional salt and pepper set. You can also give this set as a housewarming or engagement present for couples. 

Sometimes, all you need is to add some glam to a space. Those who love sparkly and shiny things will enjoy these glitter galore salt and pepper shakers. They don’t even have to function as shakers. Just have them sitting on your kitchen countertop as decor and no one will notice they are actually salt and pepper shakers. The diamond-like details reflect light very well which gives a shiny and sparkly illusion. Frankly, you don’t even have to put salt and pepper in them. Just having them in your home will already serve its purpose. 

Even if the people you’re gifting these salt and pepper shakers to already have their own shakers at home, they certainly won’t mind getting any of these unique and special salt and pepper shakers. They won’t only function as shakers, they can be decorative, too! If you’re on the hunt for the best salt and pepper shakes as gifts, look no further. These are some of the best ones you can get. 

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